GMHEC + MoveJoy: Chance to Win $100 Gift Card

Movejoy has created a wellness check-in program for our employees and registration is open now.  Running from Monday, February 6th to Friday March 31st, registered participants will be matched with a partner and together will support one another to stay accountable to a wellness goal/action for the duration of the program.

Movejoy is a digital tool that aims to promote social connections and build authentic relationships in the workplace. Using a customized algorithm employees will be paired for daily check-ins. Employees are encouraged to create deep connection and support each other in prioritizing wellness. 90% of participants felt supported in reaching their wellness goals and 80% forged ongoing relationships with new colleagues. If you’re interested in meeting someone new, forging new connections and getting some support with your wellness goals, this program is perfect for you.

Deadline for registration is January 29th!