Partner Inclusion Program – A snapshot of how we rocked 2022!

With the launch of the Partner Inclusion Program in February of 2022 we have successfully…

  • Partnered with 39 employers, businesses, and community organizations to help provide support for spouses and partners.
  • Connected with 28 spouses and partners who have utilized our signature one-on-one coaching and advising services. 
  • Developed a comprehensive webpage which has been the primary go to in finding relevant and meaningful information about employment and community organizations. 
  • Established an annual event, in partnerships with the Addison County Chamber of Commerce, to welcome new faculty and their spouses/partners.
  • Offered six online networking events, specifically for partner inclusion, which have been attended by faculty chairs, spouses, partners, and staff. 
  • Conducted an institution wide questionnaire to gather ideas and input from employees at Middlebury/MIIS on what partner inclusion program components they want to see developed.
    • 89 staff and 53 faculty participated, with a total of 142 participants. 

We are excited for what’s in store for 2023, with new events, networking opportunities and possible career development workshops for spouses and partners!

To connect, contact:

Susan Edwards
Partner Inclusion Specialist
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