About MiddPoints

MiddPoints is an employee e-newsletter and website for all faculty and staff of the Middlebury Enterprise. All are welcome to contribute content; the e-newsletter “digest” of the most recent content is sent out every other Thursday.

This site contains the most recent news, announcements, and information relevant to Middlebury faculty and staff. The “digest” version of the content is emailed to faculty and staff with links to the full text of the announcement. This is intended to cut down on the number of individual news and announcement e-mails, and thus help reduce clutter in everyone’s inbox.

The content of the e-newsletter is organized into the following sections:

  • Institutional News includes articles of general interest to employees throughout the organization
  • Local News & Events includes campus or program specific articles and events
  • Features includes:
    • Ask the Expert—an opportunity for readers to pose a question of general interest and then see the answer in print
    • Did You Know…?—interesting tidbits from human resources, including information about employee travel, new hires, and benefits announcements
    • Collaborative Initiatives—a feature celebrating interesting and successful collaborative initiatives among the College, the Institute and the Schools
    • Metrics and occasional Special Articles by our senior leadership
  • Lifestyle includes:
    • Retirement announcements
    • Wellbeing articles
    • Milestones such as marriage, birth and graduation announcements

Much of our content comes from a cadre of “correspondents”—employees in the field who contribute information about what is happening in their departments or divisions, but all Middlebury faculty and staff are encouraged to contribute. To post an announcement, log in to this site using your regular Middlebury username and password. Then you can add a new post to the site. Directions are found here.

Please note that you can continue to share and find information on upcoming events via your campus’ events calendar: