What’s in a name? A lot! How to Update Your Chosen Name for Display in the Directory and Online Systems

HR and ITS are collaborating to streamline the connection between Oracle HCM and other systems such as Outlook and the on-line directory.  Employees have the option of providing a chosen first and last name in addition to their legal names (which will continue to be used when required for payroll, W-2’s, benefits etc.)  by updating their personal details in Oracle. Once changes are approved, chosen first and last names will be reflected in Outlook and the on-line directory. This should typically occur within 24 hours.

We need everyone’s help to ensure your chosen name(s) are correct.  Please review your chosen first and last name in Oracle HCM, and check the name displayed in Outlook.  Please note that Oracle uses the terminology of “preferred name” instead of chosen name, we regret that we don’t have the ability to alter how this field name displays to reflect the terminology adopted by Middlebury.

If you need to make any changes instructions can be found here.  Questions? Contact HR@middlebury.edu