Announcing Whole Body Intelligence Website

whole bodyAnnouncing- Whole Body Intelligence through Qi Gong with Lee Holden, includes three videos created for Middlebury College for classroom and personal use. Supported by the Fund for Innovation through faculty Andrea Olsen and Nukhet Kardam, this website is part of a Whole Body Intelligence project, encouraging self-management of stress levels and deepening awareness of mind-body connections. Offered in conjunction with the fall mindfulness symposia at Middlebury and MIIS, project events will continue throughout the year including lectures, workshops, and classes. Additional videos are available the the college libraries.   For more information, contact:   

Videos at  

Awakening Whole Body Intelligence: Energize (10 minutes)

               Awakening Whole Body Intelligence: Relax and Clear Stress (20 minutes)

               Overview of Qi Gong Basics (30 minutes)

-Andrea Olsen