Past American Studies Thesis Topics

Below is a list of some recent American Studies honors theses.  You may find the titles helpful as you contemplate the nature and scope of your own essay or thesis topic.  Bound copies of the projects listed below (and others) are housed in the College Archives in Middlebury’s Special Collections.



American Studies Tieberg Alex ““The Red in Your Blood is from the Ore: Connections Between Industry, Culture, and Community on Minnesota’s Iron Range””


American Studies Brown Katherine “The Fourth Wave of Terror TV: Political Renewal and Anti-Terror in Designated Survivor” 2006
American Studies Mahdavi Addie ““Defectiveness and the Ideal Citizen: Power, Categorization, and Social Control in Vermont’s Eugenics Movement””


American Studies Doig-Acuna Maya “We are all of us its children: Afro-Latinidad and Responses to Colonialism in The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao and Mama’s Girl” 2017
American Studies Pittman Kendall “Contested Ground: The Battle Over Black Land Ownership and American Identity”


American Studies Alter Celia “Disability and #MeToo” 2020
American Studies Houde Ivy “Bet on Women: Perceptions of Women’s Basketball in American Sporting Culture and the Structural Inequalities that Hinder the WNBA”


American Studies Wright Kyle “Dimensions of Whiteness: Middlebury College’s Story of Racism, Ableism, and Wealth” 2019
American Studies Williams Tamir “Bette, AKA Mammy, Big Momma, Madea, and Others Alike: Constructions of an American Stereotype”


American Studies Boyd Tyler “1000 Shards of the Forever Ending Twilight” (Graphic Novel) 2015
American Civilization Stephens John The Power to Persuade: Cigarette Advertising in the 1940s and 1950s 2002
American Studies Brown Edward Gun Control in America–The Lobbies and Their Propaganda: Emotionalizing the Issue 1983
American Studies Pickering Sarah Psychological and Sexual Politics in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale 2010
American Studies Varnum Deborah Should God Go To School? A Critical Survey of The Historical Church/State/Education Relationship and Its Application To The Current Controversy on Prayer in Public Schools. 1983
American Studies Cardozo Emmeline B. That the Future may Learn from the Past: Interpreting the History of Colonial Williamsburg 2009
American Studies Martzloff Jennie The Success Myth in America As Portrayed in Two Sources of Late Century Nineteenth Century Children’s Literature 1977
American Studies Bruce Jessica Landscapes mirror and landscapes matter: Place Perspective in the Study of Contemporary American Food Conversations 2010
American Studies Waters Grace Godfrey Liberation and Objectification of Women Through Advertising: How Nike and Rebok Have Attempted To Court the Female Customer 2012
American Studies Ross Marika Nike Advertising and its Gender Implications 2008
American Studies Carroll Colleen I. Race, Space, and the Noose: Lynching From 1890-1930 2012
American Studies Ladeau Thomas R. Speaking for the People: The Effect of Depression Era Radio on the Voices of the Public 2011
American Studies Kavookjian Haik Television’s Uncertain Future: The Impact of Online Television Content on the Media Industry and American Culture 2010
American Studies Morgenthau Harry P. Winslow Homer’s Gulf Stream: A portrait of Science and Humanity at the End of the Nineteenth Century 2012
American Studies Kirshenbaum Allyson Words, Images, and Recollections: Memoirs in the Form of Graphic Novels 2010
American Studies McAtee Alexandra Pseudonyms and Tumblr: Performing Authenticity and Building Intimate Connections 2013
American Studies Ziegler Oonagh P. Cinema of Representation: A Comparison on Representations of Gender, Race and Disability Between Postwar Era Social Problem Films and Early 21st Century Social Problem Films 2013

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