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200 Days…Not Counting Down

At the risk of fixating too much upon our impending graduation, I’m going to continue in Teresa’s theme and write about the 200 Days party that took place this past weekend in McCullough Social Space.  As a member of the … Continue reading

Registration Final Round

This morning I, along with the rest of the class of 2012, woke up at 6:50 am for the last time. We turned on our lamps, pulled out the list of CRN numbers we scrawled on papers the night before, … Continue reading

The J-Term Game!

With Winter Term registration come and gone, now is an ideal time to play one of my favorite games. Below are ten Winter Term courses. Five are real. Five are fake. I should preface this by noting that the J-Term … Continue reading

But you’re not an English major…

Yesterday the professor for the English senior seminar I’m taking, Booker Prize Fiction, called me out for critiquing the lyrical repetition of the novel we’d just read, something most of my classmates found beautiful but that I found verbose and … Continue reading

Cheer Boys Cheer, Middlebury’s Here

This weekend I took the Middlebury fan bus down to NYC to see our team play in a very prestigious sporting event: the Quidditch World Cup. (Yep, you heard right. Quiddtich. Like from Harry Potter.) Muggle Quiddtich started at Middlebury … Continue reading

Bright Lights, Bigger City

Burlington. Yes. BURLINGTON. If you’re thinking of applying to Middlebury, you may (or may not) be concerned about its location. I know I was. Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, the word ‘rural’ wasn’t even part of my vocabulary. Transitioning … Continue reading

One in Four

25% of our student body is a varsity athlete. For a school of roughly 2400 students, this number is significant in that one in every four students plays a sport (or more if you want to be technical). I think … Continue reading

200 Days

I take great pride in being the first Senior Fellow to write about our impending graduation.  Tomorrow night is the seniors’ 200 Days party.  It’s a senior-only event beginning the official countdown to graduation and sets the stage for our … Continue reading

A Normal Day in Middlebury

Early morning, I wake up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock to start another busy day in Middlebury College. Usually, after I get ready in the morning, I have an extra twenty five minutes to play my guitar … Continue reading

65 and November

One of the best things about going to school in Vermont is that the weather is never predictable. There’s a saying in Vermont that goes, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.” While this … Continue reading