Monthly Archives: October 2011

Thesis Proposal Season

The beginning of senior year at Middlebury might be the only time in our entire college careers when all of the Class of 2012 has the same assignment: write your thesis proposal. While theses are not required in every department, … Continue reading

Dining at Midd

Middlebury has the perfect campus meal plan…none at all. The three dining halls at Middlebury operate on the honor system. Students walk in at any time they’re open (typically 7AM-2PM and 4PM-8PM) without swiping a meal card or being asked … Continue reading

How Zach got his groove back

Coming back from a full year abroad, I pictured my first few weeks at Middlebury as a disheartening series of handshakes and reintroductions–something along the lines of “Hi, I’m Zach, I used to be your friend before I went away … Continue reading

Home got bigger, but so did I…

Coming back to Middlebury is always surreal, but after having been abroad for a semester it feels even more so. It feels different, but also exactly the same—like a place to grow but also like home. Or maybe it is … Continue reading

ES Senior Seminar

Every fall I get more excited to come back to Middlebury. Walking across campus during the first week of the semester means running into old friends and never knowing when to expect the next bear hug, and the summer weather … Continue reading

Good To Be Back

I vividly remember a few months ago running with my friend from Middlebury through the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina on a cold, rainy Sunday. We were a bit lost and quickly running further and further into an unfamiliar neighborhood.  We … Continue reading

Gettin’ Down and Dirty at the Bike Shop

At Middlebury, having a bike is like having Cheez-its in your room.  Not really necessary, but extremely convenient.  The operative difference here is that it is not necessary to grease the bearings of your Cheez-its. The solution for this is … Continue reading

Senior Fellows 2011-2012

Hey y’all! Welcome to Middlebury College’s Senior Admissions Fellows Blog.  The twelve of us will be sharing our thoughts on student life with prospective students this year right up to our graduation!  Take some time to explore the posts from … Continue reading