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Upcoming Pre-Medical Society Events

The following is an email sent from the Pre-Medical Society. If you haven’t already joined and want to find out about them, attend an event and meet the board and members.

  • We are introducing a new program: Pre-Med Buddies! If you are interested in either mentoring younger pre-med students or being mentored, please email us!
  • We have weekly meetings at 4pm on Sundays in the Fire Place Lounge (except for the Sundays of Spring Break). All are welcome!
  • We will be going to Dartmouth for a Medical School visit on April 7th. We will leave at 8am until 4:30pm. Please respond to this survey by the 23rd of March if you would like to go.
  • There will be a Spring Advising panel April 18th at 7pm in BiHall 338!

We will have a heart disection on April 26th at 7:30pm in BiHall 205!

Pre-Dental Students: ADEA “Creating a Great Personal Statement” Webinar on 3/7

Wednesday, March 7 at 2:30 pm EST

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA), American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) are pleased to present Creating a Great Personal Statement—a webinar tailored to individuals interested in applying to any health professions education program. Join us! Featured presentations by admissions officers and health professions advisors will provide tips and suggestions on how to craft a well-written personal statement to showcase your unique identity. A Q&A session will follow.

Register here.

Summer Health Assistant at Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Applicants must be 21 and over.

Why Work for the Center for Talented Youth (CTY)?

At CTY you will work with an exceptional group of students, make contacts and friendships with dynamic colleagues, and gain valuable experience in a rigorous academic community. CTY has consistently been named as one of the top internships in leading publications. They have a network of past employees now working in positions ranging from heads of school to deans of students to university professors.

The starting salary for instructors ranges from $2,400-$3,000 per 3-week session, depending on education and experience. Teaching assistants earn $1,200 per 3-week session, and residential assistants earn $1,400 per 3-week session. Salaries for administrators vary by position. Room and board are provided at residential sites.

Working closely with the site nurse and site director, health assistants (HAs) participate in the day-to-day operation of the site health office, keep track of students’ medications and medical appointments, confer with parents, and act as a liaison with nearby medical professionals. HAs may also be asked to provide support to administrative and other staff. HAs are not responsible for providing medical care to students other than basic first aid. The HA position requires a great deal of flexibility since demands on time can vary from day to day. Duties and schedules may vary from site to site. At residential sites only, HAs also accompany students on emergency room or physician visits. Because driving site rental vehicles is a job requirement at residential sites, HAs hired for those sites must be at least 21 and have good driving records.

Learn more in Handshake!

Welcome Back! Spring 2018 Health Professions Events

We hope you all enjoyed a restful February break and welcome back to campus! If you’re interested in a career in Health Professions, or just exploring your options, check out our Spring 2018 Health Professions events:

Not sure about summer internships or where to start? Stop in during Quick Question hours to meet with one of our Peer Career Advisors. Spring Term 2018 Hours: Monday – Friday, 12:30 – 4:00 pm in Adirondack House

Or schedule with one of our advisors.

We look forward to seeing you this semester!

US Army Health Professions Scholarship Program Webinar October 25

Are you considering Medical School? This is an exciting time as you prepare for a Career in Medicine and a future of making a difference in the lives of those you care for. Not only can Medical School be rewarding, it can also become a large financial liability. Learn how the Army Medical Department’s Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) can ease the financial liability of Medical School. Attend the Medical School of your choice, in the United States, and continue your Graduate Medical Education in the Country’s top GME programs. Find out how you will become part of the World’s Largest and most comprehensive Health Care System.

Register online.

Wednesday, October 25, 4:00 pm.

ADEA GoDental Tip of the Week: Shadowing

Dental schools like to see applicants with shadowing experience, as it shows that the student has a solid grasp of what is involved in the practice of dentistry. One critical aspect of practicing dentistry involves understanding patient confidentiality. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, better known as HIPAA, provides strict provisions for safeguarding medical information. Shadowing opportunities enable students to observe first-hand the vital role confidentiality plays in building and maintaining trust with a patient.

Shadowing a dentist will give you the opportunity to confirm and demonstrate your desire to pursue dentistry and also help you picture yourself as a practicing dental professional.

Here are some questions you could ask the dentist or dental specialist you shadow:

  • What do you like most about your work?
  • What do you find challenging about your profession?
  • Would you still pursue dentistry if you could go back in time?
  • What are some of the highlights of your work?
  • What gets you excited about coming to work every day?
  • If you were not practicing dentistry, what would you be doing?
  • How do you balance work and family life?
  • Do you participate in any community service?
  • If you could change something about the practice of dentistry, what would it be?
  • What did you think about your dental school experience? Do you have any advice?
  • What was the most challenging aspect of dental school?

Where do I begin?

  • Start by asking your personal dentist if he or she would be willing to be shadowed.
  • If your personal dentist is unable to be shadowed, ask if he or she can recommend another practitioner.
  • Ask your friends, your classmates, your friends’ parents, or your professors to see if their dentist might be willing to be shadowed.
  • Talk to your health professions advisor.
  • Reach out to your local dental school to see if they have local alumni who would be interested in being shadowed.
  • Get informed about HIPAA – it lets the dentist know you understand this important part of patient confidentiality.

Read the full ADEA article here.