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Library Ending CD Borrowing through ILL

Due to staffing and budget reductions in LIS, we are no longer able to continue traditional ILL services for CD requests.  As of Feb. 1st we will no longer be borrowing or lending CDs through ILL.

The average cost to borrow an item through ILL is about $30.00.  When we include the costs of Mailing and ILL fees, requesting a CD through ILL was at times costing more than purchasing the CDs. Other options for acquiring CDs still include:

Borrow from NExpress: Middlebury will continue to both borrow and lend CDs via NExpress.  There are negligible shipping costs for CD borrowing and lending for NExpress requests because all NExpress items are shipped together.  Middlebury patrons may search the NExpress Catalog at http://go/nexpress.  You can specifically search for CDs and other sound recordings by selecting “Sound Recordings” from the “View Entire Collection” drop down box on the NExpress search page.

Request a purchase: If a CD is not available via NExpress, the CD title can be submitted for purchase to the Music Library, by using the on-line form:   http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/lib/libcollections/libraries/musiclib/suggestapurchase/node/39001

While the Music Library is unable to purchase everything, it is our hope to be able to increase patron driven purchasing as a way to help ease this reduction in ILL services.

Any requests for CDs submitted to ILL after February 1st will be forwarded to Music for purchase consideration and the ILL request will be cancelled.

For questions contact mdyill@middlebury.edu

Library Spotlight

The front page of the new library site (at http://midd2.middlebury.edu/academics/lib today, and at go/lib later tomorrow) has a “Library Spotlight” section that will feature news and tips for library users. The content will come straight from the LIS blog.  Anything here that’s tagged “Library Spotlight” will show up there too.

If you know something that library users would want to know too, please post it to the LIS blog and add the “Library Spotlight” tag to your post.  The neat thing is that you’ll be getting the word out to LIS staff and library users all at once.

Use the “Library Spotlight” tag for information such as:

  • new library resources, collections, web sites, search techniques, go shortcuts, etc.
  • hidden library treasures and answers to common questions
  • changes in library hours, services and facilities

Thank you in advance!  The more “Library Spotlight” posts there are, the better the library site will be.

Feedback on outline for new library web page

Hi everyone in LIS,

We have a preliminary outline of content, otherwise known as Information Architecture or IA, for the new Library web page (aka the new version of http://go.middlebury.edu/lib).  We need your feedback.

If you’re interested, Continue reading

5th Anniversary of the opening of the Main Library

Five years ago this week the College community gathered on the front lawn of the Main Library to officially dedicate the new building. We were fortunate to have perfect weather for the event. It was a great day, full of music, dance, speeches, food, etc.

Main Library Dedication Ceremony, October 2004

To veiw more photos of the event find them on the server here–

orgs\LIS\LISstaff\Library Dedication photos

The Main Library is a remarkable success. It has greatly enhanced the academic mission of the College by bringing together services that were scattered around campus. It’s clear the students love the place and we compete with the dining halls (yes, with food!) as the place to meet up with friends. Students spend many hours individually and in groups learning, studying, viewing media, and working on projects of all kinds. The Main Library has become the heart of the campus for many students who never knew Starr Library when it was anything other than a tag at the end of the name of the Axinn Center.

An overview of the history of the project can be found here.


To take a walk down memory lane check out this press release.


Charles Gwathmey, library architect

Submitted by Jeff Rehbach

Charles Gwathmey, of the design firm Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects, died on Monday, August 3. GSAA designed our new main library. Mr. Gwathmey was present at the dedication of the library in October 2004, and spoke that weekend as part of the Clifford Symposium on October 9, 2004, sharing many of his personal concepts and ideas that led to the design of our wonderful facility. With colleagues at GSAA who worked closely with us in the early part of this decade, we offer our sympathy and mourn this loss.

Announcement on Gwathmey Siegel web site
Obituary from The New York Times

“Looking at Library Research” – You’re Invited

Submitted by Carrie Macfarlane

Please join us at next week’s workshop called “Looking at Library Research.” It’s part of the CTLR Pedagogy Roundtable Series.

Thursday, June 11
1:30 – 2:30 pm
Looking at Library Research, Library 230
Presenters: Brenda Ellis, Joe Toth, Andrew Wentink

Conveners: Carrie Macfarlane and Terry Simpkins

Has the way you do research changed over the past few years? Have you noticed a change in the research your students are doing? Finding information has become easier than ever, but sifting out the best information remains a challenge even for experienced researchers. In this roundtable we will examine some of the changes in the resources libraries provide and in how they provide them, as well as discuss how these mesh (or don’t!) with student and faculty expectations.

The New Library Eco Book Bags Have Arrived!

Submitted by Elin Waagen

After many months, the new library eco book bags have arrived! We hope to roll them out next week after finalizing a few details. The idea is to replace the use of plastic bags at the Circulation Desks, and to foster re-use of recyclable bags. Borrowers can take a bag when they borrow books and return an empty bag when they return their books.

Bags were funded primarily by an Environmental Council Grant in partnership with LIS.

Last spring we held a contest to solicit design ideas and the winning design was selected in a blind judging by LIS Administration.
Eco Bag Winner 007

Nikhil Ramburn (pictured here holding the new bag) was selected as our winner. He will receive a book bag and a $100 gift certificate to the College Bookstore. Congratulations, Nikhil!

Many thanks to the Environmental Council, Jack Byrne, Carol Peddie and Mary Backus for their support of this project, and to Alyson Bourne ’08 and Emily Gustavson ’08 for their help in writing the grant during their busy senior year.