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The front page of the new library site (at today, and at go/lib later tomorrow) has a “Library Spotlight” section that will feature news and tips for library users. The content will come straight from the LIS blog.  Anything here that’s tagged “Library Spotlight” will show up there too.

If you know something that library users would want to know too, please post it to the LIS blog and add the “Library Spotlight” tag to your post.  The neat thing is that you’ll be getting the word out to LIS staff and library users all at once.

Use the “Library Spotlight” tag for information such as:

  • new library resources, collections, web sites, search techniques, go shortcuts, etc.
  • hidden library treasures and answers to common questions
  • changes in library hours, services and facilities

Thank you in advance!  The more “Library Spotlight” posts there are, the better the library site will be.

3 thoughts on “Library Spotlight

  1. Michael Roy

    I *love* that we can figure out ways to use the LIS blog to feed the library website; as Tim Etchells wrote to me earlier, we’ve shifted from a Dodge mini-van to a Porsche in moving from the microsoft cms to drupal.


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