Help us improve the LIS Website!

The LIS Website team has set up four quick tests to see if we’ve placed links to resources and information in the right place on the page and used the correct labels. For each test, you’ll be asked 5 questions like, “Where would you click to find out when the next Cookie Night will be?” You can click anywhere on the screenshot and can leave multiple clicks for each question. To add a comment to one of your clicks like, “I’d click here, but only because I know to find Cookie Night information on the blog…” you can click the plus (+) sign above and to the right of your placemark.

We’ve created one test for each of the four areas of the LIS Website. Each test has a different set of five questions. A test should only take 1-2 minutes to complete. Thanks for your help!

LIS Homepage

Library Homepage

Helpdesk Homepage

Curricular Technology Homepage

6 thoughts on “Help us improve the LIS Website!

  1. Arabella Holzapfel

    I was able to “start” without watching the video first, but after I did the LIS homepage ‘test,’ the Library homepage link was grayed out and when I clicked it, it said I could only do a test once (when I hadn’t yet done the Library homepage test).

  2. Elin Waagen

    In testing this, I got this message when I clicked on the second link in Ian’s post.
    “Thanks for your help. Thanks for participating in our test. Unfortunately you can only participate once.”
    Refreshing the page fixed the problem for me.

  3. Ian McBride Post author

    The link to the test for the Library home page was accidentally the same address as the LIS home page test. I’ve corrected the link, which should solve some of the problems you were experiencing.

  4. Jeff Rehbach

    Just so you know, doing this from a wireless connection at home, it took up nearly 10 minutes to complete the activity… it would pause for a long time (1-2 minutes) after clicking “Next” and it was “Loading…” the next question.


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