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Charles Gwathmey, library architect

Submitted by Jeff Rehbach

Charles Gwathmey, of the design firm Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects, died on Monday, August 3. GSAA designed our new main library. Mr. Gwathmey was present at the dedication of the library in October 2004, and spoke that weekend as part of the Clifford Symposium on October 9, 2004, sharing many of his personal concepts and ideas that led to the design of our wonderful facility. With colleagues at GSAA who worked closely with us in the early part of this decade, we offer our sympathy and mourn this loss.

Announcement on Gwathmey Siegel web site
Obituary from The New York Times

Vote on LISterine Workshops

We’re planning next year’s program for LISterine workshops , and we want your help.  What do YOU want to learn?  Use the LISterine Feedback Forum to suggest and vote on workshop topics. You get 10 votes–so vote early and often!  You can come back later and change your votes, too.

A note to the specialists in the audience:  If you see a topic you could present on, please expect that we’ll come after you if that topic rises to the top of the list!  Vote accordingly.

Visit it now:  LISterine Feedback Forum

Periodicals Weeding Project Underway

Submitted by Michael Warner

In case you were wondering what all those little orange flags are that are peeking out of many volumes in the Bound Periodicals section on the lower level in the Main Library—fret no more!


Collection Management staff and the Collection Development Librarian, in concert with the Liaisons, have done a major review of  our periodical collections, with a focus on withdrawing most titles to which we have online access.  These journals, primarily available online via our JSTOR, Project MUSE and PAO collections, are being withdrawn and removed from the collection. And, the orange flags indicate which sets of volumes will be withdrawn as the project progresses.


Begun last spring, we are now about 25 % of the way through pulling JSTOR titles—which represent the largest portion of the project. It is time consuming as many different records for each title involved have to be edited to assure consistency (in MIDCAT: bib, item, and serial-holding records are changed, and in WorldCat holdings records are updated as well.) One important thing to note: Currently, our local holdings, on the A to Z List are becoming more and more out of sync with what is in the collection—that is because it is impossible to update it as we move along. (Electronic Assess does remain current!) A more up-to-date list of local holdings will be generated before the Fall term commences.


Electronic access has proven to be more convenient for both student and faculty researchers, and removing the bound volumes from the shelves provides the library with more flexibility as to how the library space is organized.  We expect that this will free up significant space—at latest count, close to 700 shelves will be emptied—allowing for significant consolidation of the Bound Periodicals collection.  Titles of particular historic value (e.g., those with important illustrations) will be retained and transferred into Special Collections. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Joe Toth or Terry Simpkins.