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Systems and Network maintenance this Sunday morning

During our maintenance window this Sunday morning between 6 and 10 am we have the following actives planned:

We will be upgrading the Middlebury and Bread Loaf campus wireless network.  This will result in each wireless access point on both of these campuses rebooting, as a result we expect a less than 10 minute interruption of wireless services throughout both campuses, likely between 6:30 and 8:00 am.

We will upgrading the our VPN (virtual private network) appliance that provides service to the JunOs Pulse VPN client.  Between 6:30 and 8:00 am there will be a less than 30 minute service interruption of off-campus VPN access to Middlebury’s network.

We will be upgrading our MiddCloud file serving environment that includes MiddFiles and other network file shares generally used by the Science departments.  Between 7:00 and 8:00 am we expect a less than 10 minute service interruption of MiddCloud.

We appreciate your patience as we strive to keep our systems and network operating optimally.

Sunday morning maintenance

This Sunday morning during our established maintenance window between 6 and 10 am we will be performing the following actives:

  • We will be upgrading network components in our Internet path and making adjustments to our security devices (firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems).  There will be several intermittent Internet service interruptions lasting about a few minutes mostly during the 7 to 9 am time frame.
  • We will be upgrading MiddCloud that includes MiddFiles and several other network file shares, there will be approximately a 15 minute service interruption between 7 and 9 am.

We appreciate your patience as we strive to keep our systems functioning optimally.

Sunday morning maintenance May 18, 2014

This Sunday morning between 8 and 10 am we will be upgrading three of our sites from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. The three sites are:

  • Davis Projects for Peace: http://www.davisprojectsforpeace.org
  • Davis United World Scholars: http://www.davisuwcscholars.org
  • Middlebury College Museum of Art: http://museum.middlebury.edu

Each of these sites will experience a period of 10-20 minutes during which it will not be usable.

There will also be a short period of under one minute during each upgrade when file assets on the other Drupal 7 sites may not be available. These sites include:

  • Davis Fellows for Peace: http://www.davisfellowsforpeace.org
  • Secure Forms for Middlebury: https://forms.middlebury.edu
  • Secure Forms for MIIS: https://forms.miis.edu

We do not anticipate any impact on other services.

Sunday morning maintenance

This Sunday morning between 7 and 11 am we will be upgrading our printing tracking solution Papercut to v14.1. Upgrading the server side components will take place first, this phase is expected to be completed by about 9 am.  This will then be followed by site visits to the public printing release stations throughout the campus to complete the upgrade.

Each of the following servers will be off-line for about 10 minutes, each between 7 and 9 am or so, they include:

  • Papercut
  • Willow
  • Spruce
  • Bombay
  • Beech
  • Walnut

We also expect about 30 minutes of interruption to the “web print” service during this period.

Printed jobs will be queued up and automatically resubmitted during the service interruptions to the print servers.

There are several new features and fixes to known problems available in this release, additional details are available here:  http://www.papercut.com/release-history/.

Microsoft to end technical support for Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003

Microsoft will end support for the Windows XP operating system and Microsoft Office 2003 software on April 8.  Microsoft will no longer release security updates or provide technical support for either product after this date.

Both Windows XP and Office 2003 will continue to function, but computers running either product will become increasingly vulnerable to malware and other forms of cyber-attack.

Due to the risk these vulnerabilities create, the Information Security group considers it necessary that Middlebury College students, faculty and staff have an upgrade to better protect personal and College data.

If you are not sure whether you are using Windows XP, Microsoft has created an easy-to-use website you can use to help at http://amirunningxp.com.

If you have a College-owned device that is running Windows XP, please contact the helpdesk at helpdesk@middlebury.edu, or create a ticket at  https://webhelpdesk.middlebury.edu/ to discuss the best course of action. The Technology Helpdesk has already begun the process of migrating all College-owned computers to Windows 7.

Students, faculty, and staff with personal computers running Windows XP will need to upgrade their computer operating system to be able to connect to the Middlebury network or VPN at some point in the future, so please take action as soon as possible.

For questions or assistance, contact the Helpdesk at X2200 or visit https://webhelpdesk.middlebury.edu/ to create an online ticket.

Sunday morning maintenance

This Sunday morning between 7 and 10 am we will be performing some fine-tuning of our Internet gateway routers and firewalls that will include some Internet routing prioritization and optimization as well as some firewall configuration changes.  We do not expect any noticeable interruptions of services but are performing this during our maintenance window as a precaution.

Sunday morning maintenance

Between 7 and 9 am we will be upgrading our Internet firewalls.  While the Internet firewalls are a pair with failover, there can be an up to 30 second interruption of service as each failover takes place.  We are expecting 3 less than 30 second Internet service interruptions during this period.

Between 8 and 10 am we will be re-routing connectivity to a specialized video conferencing network segment, the video conferencing service will be off-line during much of this window.

Between 8 and 9:30 am we will be upgrading Web Help Desk, there will be a less than 10 minute service interruption during this period.

Sunday morning maintenance

This Sunday morning we have a number of maintenance activities planned.

  • Between 6 am and 10 am Digital Collections at Middlebury / CONTENTdm (middarchive.middlebury.edu) will be off-line in order to upgrade to version 6.6.
  • Between 7 am and 8 am there may be a less than 5 minute interruption of DNS and DHCP services as the underlying systems for these services are upgraded.  As these services are part of a high availability configuration, we expect a minimal if any impact to end users.
  • Between 7 am 10 am we will be testing the failover of high availability components of our network that include building aggregation switches and redundant uplinks for the below buildings, no service impact is expected:
    •     Service Building
    •     Axinn
    •     Public Safety
    • Between 8 am and 10 am we will be evaluating some Internet routing options that may result in isolated, intermittent Internet sites being reachable, we expect this impact to be short lived and not wide spread.
  • Between 8 am 10 am we will be running some network/server security tests that we do not expect to have a noticeable impact.

We appreciate your patience as we strive to keep our network and systems operating optimally.