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I think I covered most of my…revelations on this topic during class, and they were mostly just reaffirmations of things I more or less understood already, but I’ll recount them here anyway.

I was pretty late in jumping on the texting bandwagon, so I had gone through a pretty long period of time during which friends would send me texts and I would respond by calling them, or not at all if the matter wasn’t pressing.  However, since I started texting, I obviously send more, but I receive many more as well, and I thought that the incoming flow of texts would remain the same over break.  This was where I was wrong; as with facebook, the amount of correspondence I receive is pretty directly proportional to how much I put in, so as my outgoing texts decreased over break, so did my incoming.  Also, some people either knew that I had stopped texting, or realized when I didn’t respond/told them on the phone.  So that was an interesting discovery.

The thing that I had suspected, which was confirmed for me, was that often I use texting as sort of a buffer from social interaction, because I’ve never been one to have a lot of long conversations on the phone, and sometimes it’s easier to defer that obligation to actually use your voice, even if it means the conversation ends up taking, say, five times as long.  But I ended up enjoying having to talk to people more…whether this will change my laziness now that I’m using texts again is unsure.  So that’s more or less what I gathered from this…I suppose I could’ve shot for something a bit more ambitious, as many others in our class did (Hunter, props on no internet…I would not last.  Though last feb break my comp was broken so I was essentially pretty cut off from that…I ended up reading ACTUAL BOOKS a lot more than I would’ve).  Overall, I thought people voiced a lot of interesting discoveries in class, and I honestly think we came up with more insightful statements as a group than the documentary itself did.  Way to go team!

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