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Monthly Archive for February, 2010

Paper Project – Digitized

Here’s the view of our giant fortune-teller from the outside.  We thought the spiral would add some pizazz.  As you can see below, we really wanted to play up paper’s potential for size, tactility, and three-dimensionality, so that was our main tack in making a giant version of something we used to all make in […]

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Podcast: “The Hater”

I intend to keep looking around for entertaining new podcasts to look at as models as we move into our next project, but this week, I took our prompt as an excuse to look into a podcast I’ve been meaning to check out for a while: “The Hater”, produced by AV Club contributor Amelie Gilette […]

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Scott McCloud vs. Walter Ong

I just finished Ong’s “OMG Why Writing Sux” article, and I read McCloud’s fantastic Understanding Comics in one sitting yesterday, so I thought I’d offer up my thoughts (if my opinion isn’t blindingly obvious from that first sentence alone).  Both works possess the goal of trying to make us more aware of the media we […]

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I think that last post is a bit skimpy, so I wanted to talk a bit about the culture-related websites that I do follow, as well as something about one of those websites that appeared semi-formed in my mind a while ago, and which I think I would do well to write down. I read […]

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Blog Blab

Since there’s no blog I really consistently keep up with, I’ve been rooting around the nets for one the past few days.  The Tumblr blog of cultural critic Nitsuh Abebe, called “a grammar”, definitely leans towards the “meta” side of things, so Abebe often ends up discussing a lot of the same thematic material as […]

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I’m tempted to say that my relationship with technology has always been, to some degree, conflicted.  Perhaps it’s my upbringing–my parent’s are no luddites, but they certainly possess that former-flower-child distrust of attempts by ______ to “control” us, or at least somehow tie us down with new media (though McLuhan would credit television itself as […]

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