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Second Life…

Reading everyone’s posts, I think it’s hilarious how uninterested in it we all are so far.  And I agree completely.  It was a relief to exit the world after having to mess around on it for a while last night.  Maybe my pictures will help to express my distaste.


So I went to hang out at the bookstore (whose fonts/banners look like they’re straight out of a Geocities page ca. 1996, btw), and I tried to sit in this chill lounge chair.  It automatically put me in this pose, which I thought was kinda funny.


Unfortunately, when I teleported to the orientation place, I remained stuck in this position.  Though I could still “walk around”, I could not stand up.


The same was true at the space flight center.  Even when I flew around.  Also, couldn’t really figure out what to do here, except……look at the rockets.


Eventually, I had to quit the program and reopen it so my avatar wouldn’t be trapped in that ridiculous position.  Flaws and glitches like this, at a very basic level of a game (or…virtual…thing), bother me quite a bit.  Why should I spend my time using a program that can even do such a simple thing right?  Anyway, when I came back, I went to the Middlebury island.  Was something supposed to be related to politics here?  I couldn’t figure it out.  So I watched the creepy movie.




I checked out the Colorado Tech campus.  YEEHAW


Virtual Morocco!!  That’ll be cool!  Or, it won’t.  Maybe it’ll just look like this for 10 minutes until it loads…


Chillin in virtual Paris in a buggy.  I gave it some time to load until it was actually complete.  Still, just a bunch of fake buildings…many video games could plunge me into much more visually stimulating environments.  I dunno.  I’m trying to keep an open mind, and I’m ready to be convinced of the magic of Second Life, but I’m unimpressed as of now.

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