Retreat Follow-Up Events Fall 2014

Having tallied up the requests in retreat evaluations, the Writing Program and the CTLR are making available repeats of three concurrent sessions. Two will be offered next week, over lunch, in the Grille Conference Room (downstairs, next to Rehearsals Cafe). You can order your lunch at the Grille and charge it to the CTLR. Although the sessions will start at 12:15, we ask that you arrive early, if possible, to order your lunch. It is nonetheless fine to arrive late or leave early according to your schedule. The sessions are as follows:

1) Wednesday, Oct. 1, 12:15-1 pm, “Effective Use of Resources in your Class: Or, How to Make Your Job Easier” (facilitated by Mary Ellen Bertolini, Carrie Macfarlane, Jeanne Albert, and Heather Stafford)

Did you know that:

  • Peer quantitative tutors can assist students in over 30 courses across ten departments?
  • Workshops are available to support coursework with significant math or statistics content?
  • Any first-year seminar or college writing class can have a peer-writing tutor?
  • Peer-writing tutors are available Sunday-Thursday nights for every Middlebury student?
  • A librarian will come into your class and design a research session tailored to your specific assignment?
  • Librarians can create a special research website just for your class?
  • The Wilson Media Lab is staffed 86 hours a week with tutors to assist with multimedia work?
  • Academic technology staff can provide class and individual consultations and trainings with multimedia projects?

This session will help you effectively use these exceptional teaching resources. We will share examples from previous classes and provide time for you to ask questions and share ideas (facilitated by Mary Ellen Bertolini, Carrie Macfarlane, Jeanne Albert, and Heather Stafford).

2) Thursday, Oct. 2, 12:15-1 pm, Strategies for Effective Discussions in Small and Large Classes
(facilitated by Jim Ralph and Amy Morsman)

This session will explore the key qualities of a good discussion and then will identify strategies for sparking lively and substantive discussions in a range of settings including the intimate seminar and the larger class

The third session that you widely requested was “Time Management for Faculty.” This session will be offered again winter term; we’ll keep you posted!


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