Teaching Large Classes: Some Useful Resources

Strategies for Teaching Large Classes: handout for 2015 Writing and Teaching Retreat by Jim Ralph, Dean of Faculty Development and Research.

Teaching Large: Resources, tips & activities for large college classes, University of Texas Teacher to Teacher
Teaching Large Classes, Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching by Adam Wilsman
Teaching Strategies: Large Class and Lectures, University of Michigan Center for Research on Learning And Teaching

Pre-instructional Planning, Pedagogy in Action, the SERC portal for educators, Carleton College
Six ways to make lectures in a large enrollment course more manageable and effective, Berkeley Center for Teaching & Learning

Lecturing, Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching
Twenty Ways to Make Your Lecture More Participatory
, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University
Enhancing the Effectiveness of Lectures, The Center for Teaching & Learning, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Twilight of the Lecture, Harvard Magazine, Sept.-Oct. 2014

Classroom Response Systems (Clickers) Bibliography, Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching

Demonstration of Interactive Learning: Eric Mazur

Just In Time Teaching, Indiana University-Perdue University Indianapolis
JiTT, Just in Time Teaching, Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching

Think, Pair, Share, Shreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, Penn State University

Classroom Assessment Techniques, Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching Classroom Assessment Techniques, George Washington University Teaching & Learning Center

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