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Hey all, I am driving to Starksboro tomorrow morning at 10:30- Chester and Christian and my sister should be tagging along, but I’m not sure about anyone else… As it is, we have 1 spot left since I haven’t heard back yet from Nathan or Robert. See you all and Happy HALLOWEEN! Alena

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Rides to Harvest Dinner

Hey guys, Who’s driving on Saturday? I could possibly drive but would prefer to catch a ride…. Luke leastman@middlebury.edu 610-742-6986

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Interview with Jennifer Turner

I interviewed Jennifer Turner on October 21st in her beautiful home in the hills surrounding Starksboro. Interestingly, she, like Caroline Camara, was influenced by the ocean in her life as an environmentalist and outdoors person. Our discussion ranged from the recycling program she helped start in Starksboro to her experiences traveling abroad. 0:30 Turner grew […]

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Becky Fifield interview

I was given a lead to interview Becky Fifield by Linda Barnard. I thought the interview went well, but I didn’t let it go as long as some of my other interviews. I do think it was useful to interview Becky, but so far it might be my least rich interview in terms of Starksboro […]

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Interview with Kathy and Barbara

MIDDMEDIA ERROR: Cannot play this file. Contact the blog administrator This was definitely my favorite interview so far. Unfortunately there is a bad background noise, and Barbara is not very loud. I conducted the interview in Barbara Farr’s house which her recently deceased husband built by himself in the 1960s. Kathy knows so much about […]

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