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ES 350 Syllabus (revised 9/24/08)

Articles and Excerpts


Gregory Sharrow, “Ethnographic Inquiry as a Tool for Community Discovery

Theodore Rosengarten, “Stepping Over Cockleburs: Conversations with Ned Cobb

Barrie Toelken, “Cultural Patterns of Discovery,” from The Anguish of Snails

Bruce Jackson, “Interviewing,” from Fieldwork

Edward Ives, “Folklore, History, and Heroes,” from George Magoon and the Downeast     

Game War:  History, Folklore, and the Law

Henry Glassie, “Crossing Drumbargy Brae,” from Passing the Time in Ballymenone: 

Culture and History of an Ulster Community

Jill Hindle, “Growing up in the Waterworks: An Interview with Earl Bessette

from Voices of the Land: An Introduction to the Waterworks



















































































































































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