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Monthly Archive for December, 2006

The office next door to me will be unnaturally quiet for a while. The intrepid bg goes on leave at the end of the semester. While some of you have enjoyed reading about bg on her blog or have seen her at conferences, I’ve had the pleasure of working in the same department with her […]

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Making Pedagogy Transparent

One of the topics I have presented to faculty who will teach first year seminars is how to incorporate writing goals into college-writing courses, and since I frequently talk about making my pedagogy transparent, I was not surprised to receive a question earlier this year asking me how much of these goals I share with […]

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because tomorrow morning is my last class with my first-year seminar. I love this class–their enthusiasm, their willingness to learn, their exuberance, their concern for each other, all of these things have made showing up to class, to films, to conferences with them—fun! I’ve thrown papers and drafts at them, oral presentations and digital media […]

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