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Since 1994, Mary Ellen Bertolini has worked at Middlebury College as a Professional Writing Tutor and Lecturer in the Writing Program. She received her undergraduate degree in English from the College of New Rochelle (New Rochelle, NY) and has received graduate degrees from the Bread Loaf School of English (VT) and Wesleyan University (CT). She has published articles on Frank McCourt and Sandra Cisneros and has given several talks at Middlebury College about Jane Austen. In 2000, she began the 4 Divas Writing Project (published 2001), and gave a talk about this project and its publication at the AEPEL conference on “Writing and Healing” in Estes Park, CO in 2002. In spring 2005, she presented “Voices, Readers, & Community: Blogging the Unsaid” as Part of Middlebury College panel, “Pandora’s Blog? What Happens When College Students Take to Social Software in the Classroom Blogging” as part of the Social Software in the Academy Workshop at the Annenberg Center. In spring 2006, she spoke at Bates College about the Middlebury College Peer Writing Program and the Center for Teaching, Learning and Research. In March 2007, she presented “Healing and Transgression: Exploding Identity Genres” at CCCC. In June 2007, she presented “Keeping the Fires Burning” at “First-Year Programs and Liberal Arts: Best Practices and New Thinking.” She presented “FYS As Locus for Faculty Development: Creating Mini Learning Communities” at both the Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience, San Francisco,February 2008 and the International Conference on The First-Year Experience, Dublin, Ireland, June 2008. At CCCC, New Orleans, 2008, presented, “Workshopping Lives: Writing Workshop in a Writing to Heal Class.”

In the Writing Program, she has taught the Writing Workshop courses, WRPR100, WRPR101, and WRPR202, “Writing to Heal.” In the English Department, she has taught courses in Jane Austen and EL107, “Journal and Essay.” She, also, has taught First-Year Seminars: “Jane Austen & Film” and “Literary Orphans.” In January 2005, she taught the Winter Term course, “Jane Austen and the Royal Navy,”  and in January 2008, she taught  “Mystique of Pride and Prejudice.” She has held positions as Director of Academic Support, Acting Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research, Acting Director of the Writing Program and First-Year Seminar Program and as Faculty Co-Head of Wonnacott Commons.

Currently Associate Director of the Writing Program, she runs the Peer Writing Tutor Program, and continues to teach and tutor in the Middlebury College Writing Program (located in the Center for Teaching, Learning and Research in the Library).

You can reach me at mbertoli(at)middlebury(dot)edu.

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