Research Projects and Recent Publications

   I.   Understanding Middlebury students’ engagement across difference and conceptions of inclusivity
(in data analysis phase)

EATAW 2019 (connections to  academic writing instruction)
Middlebury Fall Faculty Forum 2018 (for general audience)

Research materials: 
Part 1 – Engaging Across Difference: Survey questions   Interview Protocol 
Part 2- Conceptions of Inclusivity: Interview Protocol

II. Educating Refugee-background Students (co-edited collection, published 2018)

**Available via Multilingual Matters (and other booksellers)!

III. College Preparation, Access, and Attainment
for English Language Learners (ongoing project)

Selected Publications

Most recent: Shapiro, S. (2019). Familial Capital, Narratives of Agency, and the College Transition   Process for Refugee-Background Youth. Equity & Excellence in Education51(3-4), 332-346. (Abstract)

NOTE: Slides from presentations on these projects are available on my Research main page.