Shawna Shapiro’s Conference Presentations

Name & Year Name Link to Resources
EATAW 2019 “Writing-to-belong: Intersections between inclusivity and academic writing in higher education. Google slides
ISLS 2018 “Deficit vs. Asset Discourse in Discussions of Refugee-background Students” Download PDF
LESLLA 2017 “Innovations in Educational Research in Refugee Resettlement Communities” Resource Folder
Dartmouth 2016 “Bridging Micro and Macro Through Critical Discourse Analysis Download PDF
Conable 2016 “Deficit Discourse and the Education of Refugee-background Students” Download PDF
CCCC 2014 The “Translingual Turn” in Rhetoric and Composition: Bridging the Divide between Theories and Practices Download PDF
AAAL 2014 “Strategic Content” How L2 Specialists Can Bridge Pedagogical and Political Spaces in Higher Education Through Globally-Oriented Writing Courses Download PDF
AAAL 2014 “I Will Impress You!”: Status-Oriented Aspiration, Discourse, and Decision-Making Among Refugee Youth Download PDF
TESOL 2013 Advising Resident Multilingual Writers Download Paper
AAAL 2013 ESL as the Enemy: Criticisms of Immigrant Education in a Refugee Resettlement Community in New England Download PDF
CCCC 2013 College Preparatory Advising in High School: Who Do Refugee Students Turn to, and Why? Download PDF
NNETESOL 2011 Preparing ELLs to be College-level Readers Download Worksheet
CCCC 2011 WAC/WID and ESL: Beyond the Deficiency Model of Multilingualism Download PDF
AAAL 2011 Deficit-focused language policies and the institutional alienation of linguistic minority students at a U.S. university Download PDF
Quinnipiac 2010 Lanuage Matters: Thinking and Writing Critically about Sociolinguistics Download PDF Handout
TESOL 2010 Writing-to-Embody: Written Role Play and Intertextuality Download PDF Samples bibliography