Fleet and Facilities

MCSC owns a fleet of 12 FJs purchased in 2008 in addition to two motor boats.

Since the Spring of 2018, MCSC has been located at the Hopper Family Sailing Pavilion on Lake Champlain in Panton, VT. It is a dedicated facility for our team, which includes a new boathouse. Inside, there is storage for all of our gear as well as changing stalls for the team. In addition, there is a covered porch for outdoor chalk talks and capacity for our fleet of FJs and motor boats.

The venue has fantastic wind conditions in both the fall and the spring. The bay we are in allows us to practice in chop or flat water and set nearly any course, regardless of wind speed and direction. This gives the team great training in the wide range of conditions we face on the NEISA circuit.

Finally, the venue has the best views in college sailing!







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