Stuart Walker Trophy

The 2019 Stuart Walker Trophy will take place on Saturday, September 21st. We will be sailing out of the Hopper Family Sailing Pavilion in Panton, VT on Lake Champlain. 

2018 Stuart Walker Trophy

The Stuart Walker ’43 Trophy is an annual intercollegiate regatta conducted at Middlebury each fall. In 2013 the Middlebury Cup was renamed to honor MCSC’s founder Dr. Stuart Walker, Middlebury College Class of 1943, for his tremendous contributions to both the sport and MCSC.

In 1940, Dr. Walker formed the Middlebury Dinghy Club to pursue his wish to compete in intercollegiate sailing regattas, establish a sailing community at the college, and to build a Snipe from a kit. The Middlebury Dinghy Club, later named the Middlebury Yacht Club and, subsequently, the Middlebury Sailing Club, caught the interest of many students and soon grew into a recognized club sport at the college. For more history on the team, see the History page.

After leaving Middlebury, Dr. Walker continued to make numerous contributions to the sport. Dr. Walker was a member of the 1968 Olympic Team and of the 1979 Pan-American Team. He holds countless winning titles worldwide, including England’s Prince of Wales Cup (the first American to do so), and was inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame. Additionally, he is the author of ten books on sailboat racing, the psychology of competition, and low level wind-flow.

The first Stuart Walker Trophy was held at Middlebury Sept. 21-22, 2013 and teams compete annually for the Stuart H. Walker ’43 Trophy. Each year, the name of the winning team is engraved on the trophy, which will be on display at the College.

Winning Teams:
2013           Tufts University
2015           Tufts University
2016           Tufts University
2017           Middlebury College
2018           Middlebury College
2019           Middlebury College

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Above: Dr. Stuart Walker and his wife Patricia with members of the ’15-’16 sailing team and coach Alex Levin pictured at the Second Annual Stuart Walker Trophy.

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