Hello from Denver!

Our team arrived late last night for the Department of Energy  Race to Zero presentations, bleary eyed but excited to be here. Since then, we have been running through our presentation over and over again to nail every detail and transition.  A few hours ago, we received our DOE ID cards and had our first introduction to the competition!

Tomorrow we will present at 10:45 am Mountain Time (12:45 pm Eastern time, 9:45 am Pacific Time) in front of the Jury. If you would like to watch our presentation, it can be found as a live stream by clicking here. There will also be a viewing party at the past Solar Decathlon House on Shannon street at 12:45 pm ET, click here for the facebook event.

From everything we heard in Middlebury, our Vermont counterparts knocked the symposium presentation out of the park! Its exciting to see how well all of our team members know every aspect of our design. Our Middlebury team lacked almost our entire mechanical team, yet still possessed an extensive knowledge of our building’s systems that allowed them to speak with confidence. Likewise, we are in Denver without our envelope design team and will need to do them justice tomorrow.

Wish us luck!

-Alex Browne ’18 Building Codes / Electrical / Plumbing