4/22/2018: Our team is awarded first place for Elementary School Design by the DOE

4/21/2018: We arrive in Denver and give a half hour presentation to industry professionals

4/3/2018: Our team submits our final project report to the DOE and begins to prepare our presentation

3/6/2018: Our team is among the finalists! We will be going to Denver to present on our design.

2/20/2018: Submission of our first draft to the Department of Energy for review!

2/15/2018: Our Race to Zero Team attended the Middlebury Maker’s Faire at the Hannaford’s Career Center

1/31/2018: Our team presented on the progress of the J-term course at Middlebury College

1/8/2018: And we’re off! Our team began J-term with site selection and researching important design constraints