Our team has quickly learned the importance and value of asking questions! We would not be where we are today without the help of the community members listed below. Whether it be a quick phone call or in-depth consultation, all of these people have dedicated their time to helping our team reach our goals. Thank you!


Spencer Clark, HVAC Supervisor Middlebury College Facilities

Myron Selleck, Electrician/Plumber/Biomass Supervisor Middlebury College Facilities

Will Amidon, Professor Geology Department

Andrea Murray, Professor Architecture Department and Vermont  Integrated Architecture

Sam Ostrow, Vermont Integrated Architecture

Middlebury’s Environmental Affairs Department

Tom Buzzell, Principal Mary Hogan

Ashley Cadwell, Cadwell Collaborative

Peter Schneider, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Wayne Nelson

Larson Lovdal, Alumnus

Jack Kerby-Miller, Alumnus

Ventacity Systems