Data Protection and Consent

Please view the infographics below for more information on the projects’ data management flow plan as it pertains to participants. This information includes what participants will be doing before, during, and after interviews; what participants’ information is being used for; information on consent; and information how participants’ confidentiality is being maintained and how their data is being protected. While information on consent is included in the infographic, more information has been included below. Should participants decide that they no longer want to have their information and data used at any point in the project, please contact Anne Campbell at Once your request has been received, your information and data will be deleted and removed.

Before Interviews: Potential participants no longer interested in being interviewed for the study can withdraw their consent to have their information used by the research team. Selected participants can also withdraw consent to participate in the interview prior to the interview date. During Interviews: Participants will be asked for their consent prior to the interview. Participants are also able to withdraw consent at any point during the interview. To understand more information about your rights as a participant, contact the Middlebury Internal Review Board (IRB) at After Interviews: Participants can withdraw consent to have their data used in the final product of the project.

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