This research is qualitative research, with data being collected through individual interviews. For selected participants, interviews will be conducted with a member of our research team. 

Interviews are conducted in a semi-structured format, building on a conversational style of interviewing. The interview questions are a mix of both broad and specific questions, and the team may ask follow up probing questions to learn more about a specific story or response. All interviews will be conducted via Zoom (web-based platform), using either the video or audio feature. Interviews will likely last 60-90 minutes and we suggest a quiet, comfortable, and secure place for the interview where participants can speak freely and without interruptions.

Before the interview, consent will be obtained in accordance with the Middlebury College Internal Review Board (IRB) regulations. All interviews will be conducted in English, as interviewees studied in the United States where English was the language of instruction and a proficient level of English can be assumed. All interviews will be conducted, recorded, and transcribed by Anne Campbell, Quintessence Townsend, or Marissa Ruhno. All interview data will be kept confidential and only accessible to the research team. 

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