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The final results!

Congratulations! Over all, everyone did a great job of Powering Down! During the month of January, you saved over 18,000 kWh of electricity. That’s the equivalent to the annual electricity usage of about 2.5 Vermont households! See how your dorm stacked up.

Week 3 update

Congratulations to Allen, the only dorm to take advantage of the week 3 bonus and double their earnings for the week by having their best week so far! Check the results below to see how your dorm did!

Weeks 1-3 cumulative results

*Allen was the only dorm to have it's best week yet and earn double the money during the week 3 bonus week!

Week 2 update

During the first 2 weeks of Power Down, the dorms who beat their baselines saved a total of 6068 kWh!  That’s over $650 earned for dorms so far. Residents of LaForce managed to save 27 kWh per person, the equivelent of everyone in the dorm unplugging their minifridge for a week and a half!  Congratulations to LaForce, Painter, and Palmer for having the most savings per person. How did your dorm compare?

Weeks 1 and 2 cumulative results

Week 1 update

The results are in for week 1 (January 3-10) of Power Down and the small changes you’ve made have really paid off! Together you saved 4373 Kilowatt hours of electricity compared to the baseline, earning over $500 for your dorms so far! Look below to see how your dorm stacked up.

Get ready to Power Down!

We’ve all heard about Middlebury’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2016, and now is your chance to do your part… and earn money for you and your dorm mates at the same time!

Beginning on the first day of J-term (January 3rd), the Sustainability Integration Office is challenging you to see how low you can go with your electricity use. At the end of the term, your dorm will receive prize money based on how much electricity you save! Read the about page for more information.