What is Power Down?
Power Down is an energy reduction challenge for major dorms on campus. Each eligible dorm “competes” against a dorm-specific kilowatt hour (kWh) baseline. That baseline is determined by first finding the average kWh/day of that dorm for the last 3 Januarys (2008, 2009, and 2010) and multiplying that by the number of days in the challenge.

What is the prize?
At the end of the competition, each dorm’s winnings are determined by how much below the baseline their kWh usage was. They will receive market price (about $0.11) for every kWh saved. There is not one winning team, each dorm’s winnings is dependant on their results alone, regardless of other dorms’ results. The prize money can either be pooled for several dorms to go toward a larger event, or can be used for a dorm-specific event or other expenditure that benefits the dorm community.

Who can participate?
The meters for the following dorms will be read for Power Down:

  • Starr Hall
  • Painter Hall
  • Voter
  • Forest
  • Battell
  • Chateau
  • Allen Hall
  • Atwater A
  • Atwater B
  • Coffrin Hall
  • Hadley/Milliken/Kelly/Lang
  • Pearsons
  • Gifford
  • Prescott
  • Palmer
  • Brooker
  • Brackett
  • Stewart
  • Hepburn
  • LaForce

How is the electricity use measured?
The kWh usage data for each dorm will be collected through a weekly meter reading performed by Facilities Services. The readings will take place on January 3, 10, 17, 24, and 28.

How will the results be reported?
Updates will be reported weekly on this blog, in the Campus, on the RSC facebook page, and on posters in public areas. Final results will be announced and prize money awarded when students return after February Break.