Week 3 update

Congratulations to Allen, the only dorm to take advantage of the week 3 bonus and double their earnings for the week by having their best week so far! Check the results below to see how your dorm did!

Weeks 1-3 cumulative results

*Allen was the only dorm to have it's best week yet and earn double the money during the week 3 bonus week!

3 thoughts on “Week 3 update

  1. Andrew Powers

    Those involved with the competition might have specified already but, are these figures adjusted to account for mixed use in buildings? Are the figures derived using a baseline defined by usage from last year? I’m a Voter resident shocked by how poorly we’ve performed and searching for some kind of excuse.

    1. Clare Crosby Post author

      Hi Andrew, unfortunately we do not have a way to account for mixed usage in buildings as they are metered at the building level and there is no sub-metering of different sections. The baselines are the average of usage from the last 3 Januaries. I am not sure what exactly is causing Voter’s poor performance, but it may be due in part to the mixed use of the building. I apologize that there is no way for us to isolate student usage.

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