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Passing the Community Council Torch

Edited by Lance Charles Sun (MPNY9)

Posse scholars, regardless of where they come from (whether it is New York City, Boston, D.C., Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles or New Orleans) are all chosen for their commitment and dedications to their community back home. So it should come as no surprise that Posse Scholars and the Middlebury Community Council have developed a long and faithful history together. Inspired by Dean Collado’s post this week, Walking the Walk, we decided to speak with two Middlebury Posse alumni on their experiences serving on the Community Council.

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A Superhero Grows In [the] Bronx

“I work at the Bronx Defenders. The Bronx Defenders is a legal non-profit public defense office. We represent our clients for criminal and family defense and some civil matters. My position is Parent Advocate and I work closely with Family Defense attorneys. I help parents accused of abuse and neglect charges involved in ACS (Administration for Children Services) proceedings and assist them with the services they need to help them reunite with their family.

Working at the Bronx Defenders is a great job. Life as a Parent Advocate can be emotionally challenging but I enjoy being an advocate for people in New York City. I’m a member of an organization that tries its best to counter the affects of the racially charged systems that have historically targeted people of color in the Bronx.

A simple arrest in New York City can lead to the removal of one’s children, eviction, unemployment loss of public assistance and many other collateral consequences that many people in the Bronx go through. Through a holistic model at the Bronx Defenders we have criminal attorneys, family attorneys, immigration attorneys, civil attorneys, social workers, parent advocates, investigators and community development coordinators who work together to fully represent our clients.

[It’s cool to be an adult in the working world but I really miss Middlebury. I hope everyone enjoys their time there!]

Meli (MP9)”

For more information regarding the Bronx Defenders and the work that Melida is doing, you can click on the logo on the right. 

Alumni Highlight: Down In the Delta, Brandon Hawkins.


Brandon in the field!

When I received word in January that I was going to be a Teach for America teacher, my whole world just seemed right.  I then looked at my placement and saw that I was going to be placed in the Mississippi Delta and I was so excited because it was my first choice. I chose the Delta because it was highlighted on the TFA website as the region with the highest need and I knew that I was ready to give my all in order to help close the achievement gap.

I arrived at Jackson-Evers International Airport on June 7th, 2011, excited and eager to get started. It was so amazing to meet all of the TFA teachers in my region, everyone was just so amazing. We jumped in a shuttle together and off we went to Delta State University for Institute.  The Institute experience was a wonderful one and it was full of lots of hard work and encouraging gains.  My summer placement was at an Elementary School and I taught entering 2nd graders. It was just a pleasure to teach all of my students, they all were truly special.

It is very clear that there is an amazing movement happening here in the Delta but there is still so much more to do. I am extremely excited to be teaching in Mississippi along with the other 200 plus 2011 corps members.  I am so excited to be a part of this fight and extraordinary journey. I know the road ahead is full of bumps and unexpected turns, but I am so devoted to my students that at the end of the day, their success is all that is important to me.

Posse Love,

Brandon Hawkins

Middlebury Class of 2011

Teach for America 2011

Performance Improvisation: Dance, Music, Light

“Musicians, dancers, and lighting designers from the Performance Improvisation course collaborate in the age-old tradition of composition/improvisation to create these two evenings of dance/theatre on the spot. A semester spent with Michael Chorney, Penny Campbell and Jennifer Ponder investigating the aesthetics of improvised performance and learning to meet its demands underlies this risky business. Our motto: Improvisation IS composition. Come watch us prove we can do it!”

April 29, 30
Friday, Saturday
8:00 P.M.

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