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For updates related to scholars whom are no longer matriculated on campus.

Albert Bitici: With no time to linger.

As told by Shipnia Bytyqi (NYMP10).

Albert (in the blue shirt) with his posse!

What happens when one leaves the Middlebury “bubble”? Most current students—myself included—are wondering, anxious, excited, scared. Middlebury alumni, though, know what happens from personal experience and some have even realized that their lives have taken the most unexpected turns post-Middlebury. Albert Bitici, member of New York Middlebury Posse 4 and the Middlebury Class of 2006, shared with me just that kind of story.

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[Stickied] A Note From the Editors: Trusting the Process

As told by Lance Charles Sun (NYMP9), on behalf of himself and Shipnia Bytyqi (NYMP10)

Middlebury Student in Barcelona

Lance in Barcelona, Spain

So last night I had to give a speech on behalf of the Posse at Middlebury Blog in front of educators, donors and politicians.  My job there was to convey the missions of the blog, give a reading from selected posts and reinforce the importance of the Posse Foundation program in higher education institutions. I would be lying if I said that I was anything but a wreck. As I approached the podium, clutching articles that I had printed out just minutes before, I realized that I had forgotten to actually go through all the articles among the chaos and pick out what I wanted to read. “Aww heck,” I said in my head. Here I was, a representative and co-editor no less, standing in front of a roomful of some of the most important people that could make or break the program with nothing to show. I started to sweat profusely under the spotlight, both metaphorically and physically. My heart raced. My throat dried up. The papers spilled on the floor in my nervousness. And then, I woke up. (This dream actually did happen by the way.)

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Without Feelings of Otherness

As told by Morgane Richardson (NYMP6) This is Morgane’s direct response to Black Pearl Ball: A Night of Elegance and Traditions posted on October 24th, 2011.

Much progress has been made over the last 30 years for women in education but ensuring equal opportunity for women of color remains a struggle.  As Women of Color at Middlebury, our tasks were often two-fold – to expand our knowledge and fight for the equal representation of students within elite liberal arts institutions.  It sometimes become unclear as to which was most important throughout our years as students.

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Seeking Advice and Following It

As told by Lance Charles Sun (NYMP9)

Life takes us on all sorts of unexpected paths and nobody could attest for this better than Sienna Chambers.  Sienna, a member of the Middlebury College class of 2007 and New York Middlebury Posse 5, has recently just started her first year as a New York City Teaching Fellow.

After nearly four years of working in commercial real estate, Sienna is now an English teacher at Mott Hall V, a public high school in the Bronx. “My last day of work was actually on April 1st and my co-workers made a big joke about it.” Not one to waste any time, Sienna dove right in and partook in the spring immersion program before regular corps training began in the summer. She spent 10 weeks observing in a special education English classroom before taking on the same position in the Fall when the teacher she observed left the school. Continue reading

A Superhero Grows In [the] Bronx

“I work at the Bronx Defenders. The Bronx Defenders is a legal non-profit public defense office. We represent our clients for criminal and family defense and some civil matters. My position is Parent Advocate and I work closely with Family Defense attorneys. I help parents accused of abuse and neglect charges involved in ACS (Administration for Children Services) proceedings and assist them with the services they need to help them reunite with their family.

Working at the Bronx Defenders is a great job. Life as a Parent Advocate can be emotionally challenging but I enjoy being an advocate for people in New York City. I’m a member of an organization that tries its best to counter the affects of the racially charged systems that have historically targeted people of color in the Bronx.

A simple arrest in New York City can lead to the removal of one’s children, eviction, unemployment loss of public assistance and many other collateral consequences that many people in the Bronx go through. Through a holistic model at the Bronx Defenders we have criminal attorneys, family attorneys, immigration attorneys, civil attorneys, social workers, parent advocates, investigators and community development coordinators who work together to fully represent our clients.

[It’s cool to be an adult in the working world but I really miss Middlebury. I hope everyone enjoys their time there!]

Meli (MP9)”

For more information regarding the Bronx Defenders and the work that Melida is doing, you can click on the logo on the right.