Middlebury College October pumpkin

October Round Up

Middlebury College October pumpkinMissed out on an article this month? Don’t worry. Here is a recap of all the articles from October, 2011 all in one place for your convenience.

La Vida Madrileña: An Identity Constructed

“Once I remember being asked by a Spanish lady if she could touch my “nappy” hair because she had never seen anything like it.”

Seeking Advice and Following It

“After nearly four years of working in commercial real estate, Sienna is now an English teacher at Mott Hall V, a public high school in the Bronx.”

Feet On the Ground

“I also love the fact that everyone on my floor, regardless of color or race, now knows how to wine to soca music.”

Rana for First-Year Senator

I was involved in a lot of leadership roles, from student government to just being an older sister.”

Passing the Community Council Torch

“It should come as no surprise that Posse Scholars and the Middlebury Community Council have developed a long and faithful history together.”

When China Met Russia

“Luis would then take out his whiteboard and proceed to give me a Russian lesson…”

La Vida Madrileña: Finding Home

“I had spent my summer enthralled in all things Pedro Almodovár, and from his films,  I knew what I wanted from my living space in Madrid.”

Black Pearl Ball: A Night of Elegance and Traditions

“Homecoming [at Spelman College] was an exciting time for friendly rivalries and school spirit; something I believed Middlebury lacked.”

Film Man Extraordinaire

“I didn’t get anyone to act in it, so I did all the shooting and acting myself!”

Without Feelings of Otherness

“As Women of Color at Middlebury, our tasks were often two-fold – to expand our knowledge and fight for the equal representation of students within elite liberal arts institutions.”

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