So, what’s this blog about?

Welcome to the Posse at Middlebury blog!

This is a space for me, a space for you, a space where we can all safely share our thoughts, continue important conversations, and connect with one another beyond the Posse Plus Retreats and beyond the frequent but brief hello’s and goodbye’s as we rush across campus for this or that thing.

Posse Scholars will use this space to share thoughts, projects, stories, artwork and more with the larger Middlebury community and most especially, our beloved Posse Plusses and Posse Alumni. Feel free to snoop around and give feedback to our contributors!

Questions or concerns? Please contact Lance Sun ( or Shipnia Bytyqi ( or just comment directly on this post!



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About Shipnia Bytyqi

Shipnia is a member of Middlebury Posse 10. Currently a senior, she double majors in Sociology/Anthropology and Spanish. Shipnia has spent a semester abroad in Madrid and is interested in urban educational reform. She likes to run and listen to audiobooks--sometimes simultaneously.

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