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Securing laptops to a desk or a podium

Some options:

Freedom podium/lectern with Freedom link cart (actually the cart may be more useful for us than the podium!):

For example we could lock a laptop to podiums where there isn’t enough space to attach a swing arm and desktop mount:
Kensington Laptop Locking Station ($80).

Probably the best would be a monitor swing arm (FWD110B Chief monitor wall arm mount,$80) with a Mac Mini mount / bracket such as the MacCuff, $50.

Changing the approach to Windows security

From supporting the public computer labs on campus we’ve learned that the best way to secure Windows is to run with a limited account. This, however, isn’t always possible. Here are few approaches to combating the situation:
1) Automate patching of Windows. Antivirus and antimalware cannot keep up with the malware makers. Antivirus and antimalware are important, but patching is equally important.
2) Automate patching of critical apps (this would include web browsers and any web browser plugins, office software, and sadly, pdf reading software). Secunia has their PSI tool that should be run after system imaging to determine if any other apps need a patch. Packing updates for critical apps, keeping the packages in a common location, updating them regularly, and making the deployment part of the imaging process.
3) Drop the rights of critical apps. This involves sandboxing or changing the permissions of web browsers, etc. Two useful tools: Sandboxie, DropMyRights (from Microsoft).

That’s it for now…