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Battle of the PDF Tools

This weekend my wife showed me the benefits of using PrimoPDF instead of PDF Creator. While PDF Creator is Open Source, PrimoPDF is commercial but still free. PrimoPDF offers easier controls for the quality of the produced PDF. Both of them, however, tend to leave off bits of complex graphs produced with MS Office. Still, if PrimoPDF’s license allows, it may be a good idea to replace PDF Creator with Primo.

SlingMedia, Slingboxes, Placeshifting

So, Slingmedia (the makers of the Slingbox) discontinued the Slingcatcher some time ago. It is still possible to buy some of these devices, albeit prices vary.

There are alternatives such as Videobrick and Haivision’s Videofurnace, and these scale well with lots of users and channels.

However, if you have a bunch of old Mac Minis or maybe XPe thin clients, these can be used to substitute the Slingcatcher by installing the Slingplayer application.

On the other hand, Dish Network is offering DVRs that are Slingloaded and can be used with the Slingreceiver 300.

Update 6/25: Belkin now sells a reasonably priced Slingbox alternative (@TV), but no receiver.

So… lots of options for placeshifting…

iPad 2 – Full Video Mirroring

No more app nonsese – the ipad 2 mirrors the entire screen (other iOS devices will only allow mirroring in certain apps – e.g. Keynote):

I’ve updated our documentation: