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iOS Configuration Utility

As we get more and more Apple iDevices (iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches), we may want to consider leveraging the iPhone Configuration Utility (which Apple should really rename).

This utility allows us to create a “perfect” and “recommended” configuration profiles that can be uploaded on a web page or shared via email. When a customer clicks on such a profile, the following tasks (and more) can happen fairly automatically:

  • setup ActiveSync with a pre-defined (correct!) server name. Customer just needs to enter email address, username and password.
  • setup VPN pointing to pre-defined vpn server (but only pptp and cisco protocols supported)
  • setup a predefined wireless (like Midd_standard — can even push a password… Or not…)
  • prompt customer to configure a secure pass code to lock the device

More details:


Virtualizing Mac OS X

The non-Mac world has had VMWare’s bare metal hypervisors for some time now. Not so long ago, Apple made it legally possible to virtualize specific versions of Mac OS X. Around the same time Parallels introduced their own bare metal hypervisor designed specifically for Apple hardware. This would make it possible to turn a single Xserve into a more productive system that can host several independent instances of Mac OS X Server for various purposes (file shares, netboot, open directory masters, software update servers, remote desktop servers, etc).

Microsoft Office Web Apps – alternative to Google Docs

Microsoft is offering 25GB free storage with their Office Web Apps:

Something to consider as we move to the cloud…

Here’s a comparison of Google Docs and Office Web Apps:
And a comparison of Office 2010 and Office Web Apps: