It must be the middle of June, the roses are in bloom. Go look at the split rail fence next to Bowker House. No, I have no idea what kind of rose it is, but the whole crew here sure likes them.

Across the way at Bowker Barn are some pink ones, planted last year. I know which ones those are, it’s a hardy climber called William Baffin.

2 thoughts on “Roses”

  1. Hey Tim! Very nice of you to spotlight the roses outside Bowker House. I also don’t know what kind they are, but I know they’ve been there for at least a decade. Don’t tell anyone, but when I was a student at Midd I picked one on a fine spring evening for a good friend who needed a bit of cheering up, and got a kiss in return. Thanks for reminding me of a great memory 😉

  2. Great to know-I love hearing of some of the landscape history around here. If I had to bet, the red climber is John Cabot, but it is only a hunch.

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