This very unofficial blog is written by Tim Parsons, the landscape horticulturist at Middlebury College. Finer and wiser print would also say that none of the content is in any way offical policies or even sanctioned by my employer, and is just musings off the top of my head. The landscape department is a great group of about 15 of us, taking care of about 200 acres of campus, with over 16 (!) miles of sidewalks alone. Ball fields, trees, new plantings, snow removal, we do it all, and in all kinds of weather. The author is Tim Parsons. A Vermont Certified Horticulturist, and a Certified Arborist, I’ve been working at Middlebury since 2006. Before then, I ran a garden center for almost 10 years, and miss talking plants and landscaping with customers. This blog is filling the gap, but with a little more sleep and less stress than retail.

Comments always welcome, and questions are encouraged.

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