PAID SUMMER INTERNSHIP: Deadline Monday Apr. 11

The Wetland Greenhouse Assistant will be responsible for:

1) Seeding, dividing, and transplanting herbaceous wetland plants.
2) Propagating trees and shrubs to the tubeling and container stage.
3) Collecting (and cleaning) seeds in wetlands at various times throughout the spring, summer, and fall.
4) Shipping plants to customers;
5) Assisting in the development of business expansion plans. [ More on MOJO ]

Spring Internship in Burlington: The Legacy Project


The Legacy Project is a partnership effort aimed to bring the Legacy Action Plan, Burlington’s vision for sustainability in 2030, to life. The Plan, reflective of input from hundreds of community members, is based on five major themes: economy, neighborhoods, youth and life skills, governance, and the environment.

Job Title: Social Media Outreach and Marketing Assistance  Read more

Vermont Soy Internship

Vermont Soy

2010 Summer Internship in Social Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Vermont Soy is part of the movement to produce healthy food from close to home. We buy organic, non-gmo beans from local family farmers, and we believe that fresh, organic, and local food is the healthiest choice for you and the planet.  We are mindful of our carbon footprint, which is why we source our ingredients locally and sell our products regionally. Our mission here at Vermont Soy in Hardwick is to build a healthy food system by supporting sustainable agriculture and our local economy.

General description

We are looking for a student who is self-motivated, creative, and a doer.  We need someone with innovative ideas and the capacity to follow through and make those ideas become a reality.  Someone who is excited about working for a small company that produces premium, socially and environmentally sound building products will do well in this business. Read more

Social Entrepreneurship and Marketing Internship


2010 Summer Internship in Social Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Vermont Natural Coatings, LLC (VNC), located in Hardwick, Vermont, produces a new line of environmentally safe wood finishes. All aspects of the company, including the manufacturing of our wood finishes, take place at our Hardwick facility. As we introduce our new products to the market we are continuing to modify, develop and execute our branding strategy and marketing plan.

This internship is an opportunity to participate in the workings of a young and fast-developing business. You will be working directly with company founders and will experience the entrepreneurial process first hand. You will have the rare opportunity of developing and contributing to projects that directly affect the success of VNC’s unique products and the company as a whole. Read more

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