Come Support GlobeMed at Middlebury College!

Have you heard about GlobeMed? It is a new organization at Middlebury College which is looking for your support!

GlobeMed is an organization that partners universities with community-based organizations in developing nations. Middlebury’s chapter has just been partnered with Africa 2000 Network in Uganda, an organization that works to improve lives in rural villages through supporting small-holder farmer development. They have centers throughout Uganda and work to teach organic farming methods, as well as establish markets and opportunities for income generation. Their work also includes building libraries with health information in the local dialect and training community leaders in health education in an attempt to break down stigmas about disease. Middlebury’s role in their organization will be working to fundraise as well as improve their public health programs. Additionally, they will be organizing an annual volunteer trip to help in Uganda as well as simultaneously providing global health education to our members all year round.

GlobeMed will be having an informational meeting for interested students on Tuesday, September 29th at 7:30 in Ross 011.

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