Master of Science degrees Offered at the Bard Center for Environmental Policy

The Bard Center for Environmental Policy offers two Master of Science degrees, one in Environmental Policy and a second in Climate Science and Policy. The application deadline for both programs is May 1.  We also offer conditional admission, giving qualified students the chance to complete pre-requisites or submit their GRE’s over the summer.

At Bard CEP, we are guided by the belief that today’s young people are coming of age at an extraordinary moment in human history. Their generation must shepherd humanity through a critical bottleneck: in which rapidly rising populations, all seeking a better way of life, are running up against critical resource limitations and profound environmental challenges– chief among these, the ever-thickening blanket of carbon dioxide that is quickly heating up the planet.

Our focus is on leadership education, giving students the skills and ambition to transform businesses, NGO’s and governments, to rewire the world with clean energy, and to build a just and sustainable economy. Our first year curriculum is a unique, an interdisciplinary mix of science, economics, policy and law. In the second year, our students participate in a 4-6 month internship, and return to Bard in the spring to complete their master’s thesis. Our exceptional faculty-student ratio and small class size ensure close attention to the individual student’s career preparation and placement.

Grad School Fair Highlights

Did you miss last Wednesday’s Graduate School Fair? If so, or if you are looking for a refresher, read on for the highlights.

One highlight was the The Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management, which focuses not only on business but on management and leadership. The Drucker MBA Program stood out because it incorporates many aspects of social responsibility and social entrepreneurship.

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