Tomorrow US PIRG Information Session

If you’re looking for a powerful experience that helps change America for the better, consider U.S. PIRG (U.S. Public Interest Research Group).

Come to their information session tomorrow, Tuesday November 3 2009 5:00 to 6:00 P.M in Axinn 100.

U.S. PIRG is a federation of state-based, nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations that work for the public interest on issues ranging from our nation’s energy policy to the rising cost of higher education to the strength of our democracy. Clean energy can reduce our dependence on foreign oil and our role in global warming. Congress can increase grant aid and improve student loan programs. Paper trails can help make sure that every vote counts. Their professional staff focus on finding good ideas and pushing for real change, even when a powerful interest stands in the way. They’ve built a 30-year track record of overcoming these obstacles to achie ve real results, due in part to the fact that they hire dozens of smart, talented staff and give them plenty of responsibility from day one on the job.

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