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Time4Coffee Podcast

Time4Coffee is a social enterprise — the centerpiece of which is a podcast — dedicated to helping college students, grad students and young professionals still looking for the right job in the right career, navigate a rapidly changing global job marketplace. 

As the Time4Coffee name implies, these in-depth ‘caffeinated career conversations’ and related blog posts, explore many of the same topics covered when people meet, in person, over a cup of coffee to ask for career advice. However, without personal connections and geographic proximity, most young people wouldn’t have entrée to meet these professionals in person. Therefore, Time4Coffee’s mission is to level the playing field so that no matter who you know (or don’t know) and no matter where you live, you can still have access to the same amazing career advice 24/7 just by pressing play.

Time4Coffee also aims to leverage social media platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram to generate meaningful engagement between young people and professionals, from the entry-level up to the C-suite, around the country and the world.

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Sports Entertainment Executives Give Advice!

Below you will find some career tips and advice for those looking to pursue a career in sports or learn more about the industry.  Representatives at a few organizations shared their insight.

Boston Red Sox

  • Be open minded while learning about various opportunities within the industry, take time to read up on the different areas of the industry through online forums or popular sports publications such as Sports Business Journal.
  • While learning as much as possible about the industry through research and internships is important, be sure to plan a career path based on the area of the industry that interests you most, stay consistent in your pursuit of opportunities within these areas.
  • Network, network, network.  The sports industry is extremely network driven, take time to meet and learn from those with experience and use their guidance as much as possible.

Boston Celtics

  • Before a career fair, interview, or meeting someone new, do your research into their company and be ready to show what you learned.  Be knowledgeable of the company’s leadership, who they are and maybe if they were in the news recently, have an example ready to go.
  • Saying you’re a fan does not give you a competitive advantage.  Instead of “I’m a huge fan of XXX and it’s always been my dream to work for XXX”, try “It’s hard to not be a fan of XXX, not only on the court/field, but the success that the leadership team has achieved off the court/field” and have specific examples.
  • Utilize your network.  The sports industry can be very competitive, so use any resources to your advantage.  LinkedIn is a great place to find someone at a company that went to the same school as you, is from the same town, has a shared connection with you, etc.  Don’t forget about your school’s alumni database!

The Lowell Spinners

  • Have a path but be flexible. You may know exactly what you want to do and that is great, but also be open to new opportunities and industries that may come your way. 
  • Ask questions often, asking questions does not mean you don’t know what you are doing, it shows that you are committed to learning more and becoming more involved in what you do.

New Hampshire Fisher Cats

  • A career in sports is all about passion and self-motivation. The quote that defines those together is “Every morning you have two choices, to stay asleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.” You are in control of your future and if you can hit the snooze button 5 times and be okay with being 2 minutes late, then you’re choosing to sleep on your dreams!

Blue Sky Sport and Entertainment

  • Always put forth your very best effort and then some.
  • Make yourself invaluable by making your boss’s life easier. 
  • If you have a problem, do not just run to your boss with it, come up with a solution then approach your boss with the problem and the solution.

Sports Journalism Panel Discussion- Wednesday, January 15

A Night of Hall of Fame Hoops:  A panel discussion featuring Jackie MacMullan of ESPN, Bob Ryan of The Boston Globe, and longtime Sports Illustrated writers Jack McCallum and Alexander Wolff.

Date: Wednesday, January 15

Time: 7:00pm- 8:30pm

Location: McCardell Bicentennial Hall 216

Sports and Entertainment Career Fair – Tuesday, April 7

The annual Sports & Entertainment Career Fair will be held on Tuesday, April 7. This great networking event offers career opportunities for eager professionals and current college students looking to break into the Sports & Entertainment industry. The registration fee includes admission to the career fair as well as a ticket to the Red Sox vs Rays game that evening. Dress code is business professional. Please bring copies of your resume.

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Field Guide: Sociology and Anthropology

Five awesome alumni will be on campus to share their paths and professional lives with students to help them think broadly about their SOAN major.

What did they do at Middlebury and what are they doing now? Find out at these events!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Alumni and Dinner Panel, 5:30 p.m @ Atwater Dining Hall
Reserve your spot, RSVP in Handshake!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

One-on-one Alumni Chats, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. @ Adirondack House
Click the names of participating alumni below to SELECT A SLOT for a 1:1 conversation.


Koby Altman ‘04
General Manager, Cleveland Cavaliers

Katie Flanagan Mobley ‘97
Executive Director of Academic Centers, Community College of Vermont

Chris Murton ‘03
Senior Designer, Reed Hilderbrand

Elise Shanbacker ‘07
Executive Director, Addison County Community Trust

Julia Tschirhart ‘11
Planner, City of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Learn more about our alumni panelists here.

Koby Altman: Careers in Sports Management- Saturday, September 15









Koby Altman, Cleveland Cavaliers General Manager and Middlebury ’04, will discuss his background and Career Path through the NBA.

Date: Saturday, September 15

Time: 8:30am-10am (Breakfast will be served)

Location: Kenyon Lounge- Athletic Center

Click here to RSVP for the event!