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Was Obamacare Worth It? Some Democrats Think Not.

I’m up today at US News with a new post that serves as a sequel of sorts to an earlier post I wrote discussing the impact of Obama’s policy agenda on Democrats’ loss of control of Congress. In recent days Democrats such as New York Senator Chuck Schumer have openly questioned whether Obamacare was worth […]

The Roberts Decision: No Switch In Time To Save Nine?

Did Chief Justice John Roberts, in a reprise of the celebrated “switch in time that saved nine”, change his vote at the last minute to uphold the Affordable Care Act?  My colleague Travis Jacobs e-mailed me early yesterday to  note … Continue reading

“You Lie!”: Assessing Claims About Obamacare’s Cost

Three days ago the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)  released its latest 10-year projection for the cost of the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), prompting a flurry of  “I told you so’s” from Republican Party leaders, conservative bloggers and other … Continue reading